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Memorabilia Collection.
Miscellaneous items.

Red ballDestination Moonbase Alpha poster .
Red ballPhonecard - British Telecom limited edition.
Red ballLetraset 'Action Heroes' rub down transfer scene (Planet Cyborg).
Red ballColorforms Adventure Set - stickers and scene card set.
Red ballPinback buttons (badges).
Red ballTwo Space 1999 Mini-con pinback buttons (badges).
Red ballSew-on cloth patches from the Blackpool 'Space City' exhibition.
Red ballFour autographed pinback badges.
Red ballMug - 20th Anniversary, issued by Fanderson.
Red ballCar Window Sticker - Blackpool Space City Exhibition.
Red ballMetallic car sticker from the Blackpool Space City Exhibiton.
Red ballDiorama - Moon Buggy and nuclear waste silo.
Red ballCommander Koenig, white metal figure kit 1:32 scale.
Red ballAlpha Moonbase, sew-on cloth patch.

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