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These pages are dedicated to memorabilia of the 1970's Gerry Anderson series " Space:1999 "

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animated moon buggy

All the items on this site are in my own personal collection and not for sale.
Note, some items from my collection are also on display in the space 1999 Cyber Museum.

Dinky die-cast toys (UK).

Toys and Models.

Stun Guns & Commlocks.

Model construction kits.

Books, Comics, Annuals & Magazines.

Jigsaw Puzzles, Card and Board Games.

Trading Cards / Wrappers and Viewmasters.

Audio/Video tapes, Records & Laserdiscs.

Miscellaneous items.

Looking for SPACE 1999 memorabilia & collectibles ?
Try ebay! the very best in online auctions. My collection, shown on this site, was obtained from all over the world, most of it came via ebay. Give it a try, you may be amazed at what you will find :-)

Type whatever you would like into the box below and click 'find it' e.g. space 1999, or space 1999 eagle - for example (or ANYTHING else you are looking for! ).
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