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Orange ball28/12/97Added - Imai Sky-1 kit with mini Shado Mobile and Strakers car. Ref B-1241-700.1988.
Orange ball22/12/97Added - Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun / Doppleganger, front of house stills / lobby cards.
Orange ball15/12/97Added 'ALT' tags to images for browsers with graphics disabled.
Orange ball10/12/97Converted all images to 'Progressive' JPG, for faster loading.
Orange ball04/12/97Added - Imai Shado Mobile kit with mini sky 1. Ref B-1242-700. Jan 1988.
Orange ball28/09/97Added - Jigsaw Puzzle - 1970 UK. Arrow Games No2316.
Orange ball28/09/97Added - 'UFORIA' program - 1988 UFO Convention, signed by Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Tony Barwick & Delores Mantez.
Orange ball17/09/97Added - UFO Annual - 1971 UK. Jarrold & Sons ( Polystyle).
Orange ball16/09/97Added - Button badge, 38mm pin-on badge by 'Gadget factory' 1986.
Orange ball14/09/97Added the links to other Anderson related sites - on main page.
Orange ball08/09/97Added - Postcard by Klasik Kards UK 1994 - reprint of USA postcard.
Orange ball06/09/97Added - Barratt trade card set.
Orange ball03/09/97Added - WAVE - SkyDiver vinyl kit, I.T.C. Collection No6.
Orange ball19/08/97Opening of this site.

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