The BATTLEHAWK is a heavy transport and mass deployment ship, which is in fact two ships in one ! The flightdeck and main control is the TERRAHAWK ship, which docks with BATTLEHAWK to become the flagship of the fleet. The BATTLEHAWK is a giant transport craft that carries the Battletank which it can drop and recover 'in-flight'. The TERRAHAWK ship can operate either as an integral part of the BATTLEHAWK, or on it's own. The BATTLEHAWK is launched from Hawknest, initially starting off in the horizontal position at the base of it's launch tower, slowly lifting it's nose until it is in the vertical position. Once in the vertical position, the launch bay fire doors open and the photon drive roars into action lifting the ship at increasing speed up the launch tube. The front of Hawknest "White House" swings forward and the roof opens up to allow the BATTLEHAWK to climb skywards.


Function -Heavy transporter / Mass deployment unit.
Data File Access Code -3387:ZKKT:2:92739/TH
Colour -Metallic silver, black and orange.
Zonal capacity -Earth atmosphere.
Fuel -Hydroctane.
Main drive -McKinley-Thor photonic thrust drive.
Maximum speed -Mach 5 at 78,000 feet
Minimum launch time -186 seconds.
Fire power -Marauder machine cannon.
Megazoid Battletank.
Armour -One-zero.
Crew: -Zeroids.


The TERRAHAWK is the operational nerve centre of Dr Ninestein's fighting force. The TERRAHAWK is the mobile command centre from which operations against Zelda's invading forces are directed. Detached from Battlehawk, it can quickly seek out the best vantage point from which to direct operations. While part of the Battlehawk - "in it's nest", it is the flightdeck and control centre, ready to transport reinforcements and equipment to the battle zone. It is also here, in the TERRAHAWK, that Dr Ninestein spends his spare time - playing his favorite video game !


Function -Command control craft.
Integrated flightdeck of the Battlehawk.
Data File Access Code -HPY:5449:B:88710/TH
Colour -Metallic silver, black and orange.
Zonal capacity -Earth atmosphere.
Fuel -Hydroctane.
Main drive -Twin Jupiter thrust jets.
Maximum speed -Mach 0.8 at sea level.
Minimum launch time -22 seconds.
Fire power -Machine cannon.
Missile launcher.
Armour -One-zero.
Crew (2): -Dr 'Tiger' Ninestein.
Captain Mary Falconer.


The HAWKWING is propelled by a powerful overhead catapult into an underground tunnel. The catapult accelerates the ship from 0 - 750 ft per second in 10 seconds ! Once released into the tunnel, the HAWKWING is guided by computer. The tunnel gradually curves upwards towards the bottom of a lake near Hawknest, in which there is a giant turbine that creates a huge vortex in the water. The tunnel entrance in the bottom of the lake opens up at the centre of the vortex, and HAWKWING flies out skyward. Once clear of the vortex the tunnel entrance is closed and the giant turbine closes down allowing the water to once again conceal the secret launch pad.

The HAWKWING is a deadly fighter aircraft with the pilot located in the main section, and the gunner located in the removeable pod in the wing section. If all else fails, the gunner, safe in the pod, is lowered into the main section, and the wing section which is packed with explosives and fuel is detached and guided to smash into the enemy positions.


Function -Atmospheric Interceptor.
Data File Access Code -8761:JABW:3:52853/TH
Colour -Metallic silver, black and orange.
Zonal capacity -Earth atmosphere / threashold of space.
Fuel -Hydroctane.
Main drive -Camberling SGV 9 turbo thrust.
Maximum speed -Mach 7.5 at 10,000 feet
Minimum launch time -85 seconds.
Fire power -Fireflash particle accelerators.
High energy laser cannon.
Stingwing missile capability
Armour -One-zero.
Crew (2): -Egg shell - Kate Kestrel
Gun bay - Hawkeye


The TREEHAWK is the shuttle craft between Hawknest and Spacehawk, supplying all the services and requirements of Hiro and the running of the Spacehawk. The TREEHAWK was so named because it's camouflaged launch pad on Earth is a huge artificial tree which opens up like an umbrella. When launched, TREEHAWK is configured in rocket mode, and travels into space to dock with Spacehawk, but when the ship returns to the Earth's atmosphere, inverted wings unfold to enable it to fly and land like a conventional aircraft


Function -Spacehawk service shuttle.
Data File Access Code -4442:PLTB:7:87938/TH
Colour -Metallic silver, black and orange.
Zonal capacity -Solar 9.
Fuel -Trinitrosol.
Main drive -Aliphon chemical boosters.
Underwing atmospheric ram jets.
Maximum speed -Space - 3.6 million feet per second.
Atmosphere - Mach 0.9.
Minimum launch time -40 seconds.
Fire power -One-zero.
Armour -One-zero.
Crew : -Hiro and/or remote control.


The SPACEHAWK provides the first line of defence against Zelda's invading forces. Normally positioned in geo-stationary orbit, the SPACEHAWK is capable of patrolling our solar system, and can deliver massive firepower. Artificial gravity on SPACEHAWK is provided by rotating the ship around it's lateral axis. Lieutenant Hiro and 100 Zeroids, led by space sergeant 101, are the crew of the space station.


Function -Advanced orbital warning and defence station.
Data File Access Code -6199:HJFR:8:33236/TH
Colour -Metallic silver, black and orange.
Zonal capacity -Solar 9.
Fuel -Dilithium crystals.
Main drive -Lathirol nuclear pulse drives.
Maximum speed -2.4 million feet per second.
Minimum launch time -Geo stationary orbit.
Fire power -Missile launchers.
Laser cannon.
Armour -One-zero.
Crew : -Hiro.
100 Zeroids.


The BATTLETANK is a tracked conventional ground attack vehicle, operated by Megazoid robots, transported to the battle zone in the cargo hold of the Battlehawk. In emergency conditions the Battlehawk can drop the BATTLETANK without actually landing, the BATTLETANK using it's multi-directional jet thrusters to set up a powerful downward thrust so as to cushion it's ground landing. The BATTLETANK can be recovered by being 'scooped up' by the low-flying Battlehawk, should the need for a fast recovery become necessary.

HUDSON - Dr Ninesteins personal Rolls Royce, is a car with a difference ! A modified 1980's vintage Rolls Royce, is a fully automatic 'intelligent' vehicle which will respond only to Dr Nienstein's voice commands. A perfect servant, and gentleman, he is a combination of advanced technology, high performance, space and comfort.


Function -Air-delivered, ground attack vehicle.
Data File Access Code -9967:YTCP:5:84416/TH
Colour -Metallic silver, black and orange.
Zonal capacity -Specified ground conditions.
Fuel -Hydroctane.
Main drive -Barford turbines.
Multi-directional jet thrusters.
Maximum speed -60 Kilometres per hour.
Minimum launch time -140 seconds.
Fire power -One-zero.
Armour -One-zero.
Crew : -Megazoids.


HUDSON is an acronym for -

Heuristic Universal Driver with Sensory and Orbital Navigation

Has intelligence, and can speak in perfectly non-robotic voice.

Can be driven manually, but is perfectly capable of driving himself.

Is left hand drive, and has a 'perch' for Sergeant Major Zero.

Has electonic eyes on the dashboard, and under the front and rear bumpers.

HUDSON has the ability to change his colour ! to suit a mood, or to act as camouflage.

The Rolls Royce 'Silver Lady' retracts to be replaced by a fully functioning microzoid.


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