Meet Zelda's Monsters
& Alien Friends !

Sram - Space monster SRAM. A fierce space monster with a thunderous roar that can destroy mountains. First seen in episode #2 'Thunder roar'. Sram also appears in episode #12 'Thunder Path' where he takes over control of the Terrahawks supply vehicle The Overlander, and in episode #21 'Play it Again Sram' where Zelda challenges Kate Ketsarel to a singing contest on neutral ground, with the plan to use Sram's thunderous roar to literally bring the house down on the Terrahawks.
Tamura - Space Samurai TAMURA - 'Space Samurai'. First appears in episode #6 'Space Samurai'. Tamura is a good and honourable alien with a powerful space cruiser. He intervenes in the dispute between Zelda and the Terrahawks with the aim of resolving the dispute. He is duped by Zelda who plans to double-cross him in order to destroy the Terrahawks. He finds out in time and Zelda's plan fails.
Tamura's Space Cruiser Tamura's - Space Cruiser.
The SporillaThe SPORILLA. First appears in episode #7 'The Sporilla'. A huge, extremely stong space monster, the Sporilla is enslaved by Zelda to do her evil bidding. Zelda causes damage to a remote tracker station on a distant moon and the Sporilla lies in wait for the Terrahawks when they come to investigate the problem.
MOID - Master Of Infinate DisguiseMOID - Master Of Infinate Disguise. First appears in episode #8 'Happy Madeday'. MOID has many faces, but none of his own. Hiro is forced to crash land, and MOID then takes his place. But once on Spacehawk, Space Sgt 101 realises that this is not the real Hiro and alerts Sgt Major Zero. Sgt Major Zero then persuades the zeroid soldiers on Spacehawk to ignore the orders of Hiro not to fire on the invasion fleet heading for earth.
Yuri - Space BearYURI. First appears in episode #10 'The Ugliest Monster Of All'. Yuri is a large 'cuddly' space bear, he is seen as hideous and terrifying by Yungstar and Cystar, but Zelda knows that the the human Terrahawks will not be able to resist his innocent appearance. Once accepted by the Terrahawks, Yuri starts to unleash his terrible mind powers. Yuri also appears in episode #16 'Operation SAS' where he and Yungstar hold Kate Kestrel captive. Yuri also appears in episode #31 'First Strike'.
Lord Tempo - Master Of TimeLORD TEMPO - Master Of Time. First appears in episode #22 'My Kingdom For A Zeaf'. Lord Tempo can travel back and forth in time and space. Zelda unleashes Tempo in order to trap Kate Kestrel. Lord Tempo also appears in the season 3 episodes #31 'First Strike' and #34 'Time Warp'.


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