Zelda's invasion force travelled from the planet Guk in the Alpha Centauri solar system, and upon arrival at Mars, the seven ships linked up to form a massive conglomeration which landed on Mars as a huge space city. The central, circular ship (top-right) is Zelda's main base.The ZEAF - Zelda Earth Atmospheric Fighter (centre-right), forms part of Zelda's space city, and is the main offensive fighter ship used against the Terrahawks, information on other ships remains unknown. Zelda has the power to change the molecular structure of matter, so she is able to increase and decrease the size of her ships.

The Deadly CUBES.

Zelda's Deadly Cubes are evil and powerful weapons used against the Terrahawks. The CUBES can work independantly, or combine to form large weapons of awesome power, as seen in "The Gun" when several cubes combine thier power to form a single deadly weapon,and in"Expect the Unexpected (part 2)" where the cubes form a force-field trap in a attempt to destroy Dr Ninestein.


Above and left are Sergeant Major Zero and Zeroid 18. Zero is instantly recognisable by the Sergeants' stripes above his 'eyes', zeroid 18 has the characteristic moustache. Space Sergeant 101, above right, is the leader of the Spacehawks compliment of 100 zeroids.

The zeroids have the ability to change thier mass, to become as heavy as 100 tons, in this state they are formidable, unstoppable battering rams. Using this increase in mass is a favorite tactic of Sergeant Major Zero, whose chracteristic call of ' stroll - on' can be heard whenever he uses his increased mass to save the day.

Sergeant Major Zero Space Sergeant 101
Rank:Sergeant MajorRank:Sergeant
Generic Type:Zeroid - Type AAGeneric Type:Zeroid - Type AC
Date of Origin:October 2018Date of Origin:November 2018
Batch Number:873 /THBatch Number:874 /TH
Place of Origin:JapanPlace of Origin:Japan
Security Rating:ZZ - subject to testSecurity Rating:ZZ - subject to test
Weight:Max 100 tonsWeight:Max 100 tons
Data bank:180KData bank:160K
Power Source:IraniumPower Source:Iranium
Re-order Number:8851996Re-order Number:8852901

Sergeant Major Zero - special characteristics

The power nucleus of this Zeroid is a unique Iranium crystal from the planet Jupiter. Hiro, who designed and built the prototypes, believes that this power source had induced 'emotions' normally associated only with humanoid life forms, and Sergeant Major Zero constantly confirms his agreement with this diagnosis. He desperately wants to be human, and likes to make 'decisions' which infuriates Doctor Ninestein, and tends to provoke sympathy from Mary.

Space Sergeant 101 - special characteristics

Space Sergeant 101 shows signs of developing 'emotional' characteristics, and as with Sergeant Major Zero, this is thought to be due to unidentified properties of his Iranium power source.