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The X-Bomber


The X-Bomber is equiped with 5 powerful weapons. X-Impulse is the most powerful, and is used only as a last resort, as it requires an enormous amount of power and can only be fired once at a time. The X-Impulse is an ultra-beam emitted by the four X shaped wings of the X-Bomber. The Brest Cannon is the second weapon and is located inside the main body of the ship - to fire this weapon the nose of the X-Bomber must first be lifted. Found on the tips of the four wings are the Electro Magnetic Cannon which emit high energy beams capable of causing extensive damage. Next are the X-Machine Guns - these are located on either side of the X-Bombers body and are used for dealing with any small attacking craft. The final weapon is the X-Electo Magnetic Gun, which destroys enemy craft with a succession of deadly shots, and is located at the top of the X-Bomber.

The Imperial Alliance Space Carrier

Imperial Alliance Space Carrier

The Imperial Alliance Space Carrier ! Captain Orion is in command of this enormous and powerful space ship, it is however Commander Makara who makes all the descisions. As well as many other powerful secret weapons, this ship is equipped with a fleet of Imperial Fighters.

Imperial Fighter

Imperial Fighter

An Imperial Fighter, one of many carried by the Imperial Alliance Space Carrier.

Dai-X "The Big Four Weapons"


The Dai-X is equipped with 4 weapons of which the X-Ray is the most powerful and deadly, it is given out by the X-shaped symbol on the face of Dai-X, and is an extremely strong energy beam capable of causing great destruction. Another high powered weapon is the Brest Missile, for use at close quarters, most effective when Dai-X picks up it's target in both hands and fires the missile straight at it from it's position on the robot's chest. In Dai-X's right arm we find the Super Cannon which fires energy bullets, the Super Cannon is most effective when used in conjunction with the Arm Missiles which are located in the right arm. These missiles are small but deadly when fired repeatedly, and together with the Super Cannon they make Dai-X almost unbeatable!

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