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Shiro SHIRO HAGEN is the leader of the brave crew of the X-Bomber. The orphan son of the Bomber's creator, Shiro spent most of his childhood in training on Earth, and now prefers not to talk about his father's exploits, wishing one day to be known for his deeds. As leader of the X-Bomber crew, Shiro has a great number of responsibilities. He is in charge of the tactics and piloting the Bomber, and is a superb marksman. Shiro also pilots the Brainder - the head of the giant robot Dai-X. Shiro's secret love is Lamia, but his attempts to get close to her are always thwarted by her bodyguard, the devoted Kirara.
Shiro Lamia is a very mysterious person, as nobody seems to know where she was born or even who her parents were. Found by Professor Hagen on the planet Mars, Lamia was adopted by him when she was a baby, and after his disappearance, she was brought up by Doctor Benn, later becoming his secretary. Now Lamia plays a vital role as a crew member of the X-Bomber, looking after the livelihood of the crew. Despite the rivalry of Shiro and Barry, Lamia never treats either of them any differently from the other, and is always warm and affectionate to everyone. At times she shows great strength, giving the other members of the crew a boost to their morale should they be facing a particularly hazardous mission.
Shiro BARRY HERCULES. Unlike his leader, Barry Hercules is one of those people who rarely show their feelings, even when those feelings may be very strong indeed. Barry has an intrepid and daring nature, is merciless in battle, and hates to come off second best, an aspect of his character which leads to the increasing of an already tense situation between himself and Shiro. Barry is also in love with Lamia, and although he almost always manages to hide his feelings, there is always a rivalry between him and Shiro, each trying to outdo the other. Barry is in charge of seeking out enemies of the X-Bomber, and he too is an excellent marksman. Barry operates the jumbody section of the giant robot Dai-X.
Shiro Doctor Benn was a friend of Professor Hagen, and took over the building of X-Bomber when the Professor disappeared. The Doctor is a peace-loving man, and would much prefer the Bomber to be used as a space laboratory instead of a warship. However, he recognises the need to destroy the threat of the evil Imperial Alliance, and the part that the Bomber must play in that. The Doctor is quick to take action once a decision has been taken, and his judgement is always sound and calm, thus teaching his crew the meaning of life in various ways. They all respect him as a worthy commander of the Bomber, and know that his skill in maintaining the craft is second to none.
Shiro John 'Fatty' Lee is the joker of the crew, a bubbly little person with a happy-go-lucky personality which helps him along considerably when, quite often, he's caught in the middle of the rivalry between Barry and Shiro. John Lee always remains neutral in these cases, and allows nothing to worry him. When flying X-Bomber, John takes charge of the communications and radar systems - an important part of the controls by anyone's reckoning - and when acting as part of Dai-X he operates the legs and feet of the giant robot.
Shiro PPA (which stands for Perfectly Programmed Android) is a tiny robot created by Doctor Benn for analysis. PPA is programmed with a memory containing all the amazingly complicated details of the X-Bomber, and so is an essential part of the crew. But he also has a very annoying superior attitude to the rest of the crew, leading them to insult him and treat him rather as they do Kirara. His feelings are often hurt by this treatment, but he has brought it upon himself.
Shiro Kirara is a fierce alien found with Lamia on Mars by Professor Hagen. Although unable to speak, Kirara has guarded Lamia devotedly since her birth, being first her nursemaid and then her bodyguard, and will allow no one to harm her. Sometimes, Kirara goes a little far in refusing to allow any friendly contact between his mistress and the crew of the X- Bomber, but they all know and respect the extent of his devotion, and know just where to draw the line.
Shiro COMMANDER MAKARA. As commander of the Imperial Alliance forces, Makara is a Proud and ruthless person, utterly merciless and without any of the human qualities that make great battle commanders. Makara has the odd appearance of being half-male and half-female, and she is inclined to become hysterical when things go wrong for her, as they quite often do. Dogged by failure in her missions, she often faces the prospect of dire punishment from the Imperial Master, but her faith in herself and the justice of her mission is unshakeable, and generally she can persuade the Imperial Master to allow her one more chance.
Shiro CAPTAIN ORION. Although his official Position is commanding officer of the giant battle cruiser of the Imperial Alliance, Orion does not have much say in what goes on; Makara is always there to give her own orders. Orion tends to spend most of his time carrying out Makara's wishes and accepting the blame when things go wrong. If Orion was in Makara's position his actions would be just as evil, if not more evil than hers. Orion's main characteristic is his stupidity - he always goes along with Makara's schemes, even when it is obvious that they will fail, and it is this which helps to ensure that the Imperial Alliance will never attain the ultimate Power it longs for.
Shiro THE IMPERIAL MASTER. The intention of the Imperial Master is to become supreme ruler of the universe. It is said that the Ultimate Power is on Earth, and although no one knows what that power is, the Imperial Master is determined to grasp it and keep it for himself. His attacks on Earth are made for this purpose, and so it is vital that Earth's defences and X-Bomber succeed in fighting off this threat. A universe ruled by someone as evil as the Imperial Master would mean the end of all freedom, and Possibly even the end of the universe.

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